Read About SEO

Let’s begin from the start and clarify the term “SEO” and what it is.

SEO stands for ” Search Engine Optimization “.

Ok! but what does that truly mean?

It’s a traffic strategy, therefore, you’ll get higher search rankings for your web site on GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc. Sure enough popular keywords that individuals ar searching for.

So what are the advantages of SEO?

You get FREE targeted traffic to your web site from Google, Yahoo, Msn and different search engines out there.
Once you get your web site ranked on the search engines for a particular keyword you’re targeting, the FREE traffic is ongoing which means:
The traffic keeps coming back in…….The leads keep coming back in…….The customers keep coming back in……..You continue to build your downline.
There are actually innumerable dollars in potential traffic out there.
There is completely no risk! SEO is free, you do not pay money for the listing compared to PPC (Pay Per Click or Google AdWords). Therefore you don’t ever get into debt doing it, the only factor you risk is your time. This is often a very vital aspect for plenty of individuals attempting to get a business going on the web.
Just to get this straight, with SEO, you get your listings on the Natural search results which on Google are to the left compared to PPC (The Sponsored Links) that are on the right.

Now there is one factor that’s important to grasp about SEO which is, usually speaking, people tend to trust the natural search results (on the left) compared to PPC because it says, “Sponsored links”.

A company called are tracking people’s eye movements after they search on Google and they found that the majority of the attention is on the left side and what that means is that the highest 1-2 positions there are 3-4 times the traffic that is going there than on PPC. Currently, that does not mean PPC isn’t any good, it’s great and you’ll get great results from PPC, however, the potential of obtaining a lot of traffic from the natural searches are a lot of higher.

So let’s take a glance on SEO vs. AdWords (PPC).

Pay Per Click:

Costs money $$$:

$00.3 to $10 per click

Ongoing maintenance:

You have to stay up with what is going on on Google, therefore, you don’t get slapped, you’ve got to keep learning and growing to create PPC a prosperous strategy.

High competition:

Others will knock you off #1 simply by paying more and you lose that traffic.


Instant traffic within 15 minutes, forces you to optimize for conversions because each click costs cash.

SEO ( search engine Optimization).

Rank for high-value keywords.

The distinction between high value and high traffic keywords is that there are plenty of keywords that may provide you with plenty of traffic however not essentially bring you any cash. SEO efforts concentrate on keywords that convert to cash, leads, and distributors for your business.

Difficult for others to overtake your position.

They can’t purchase their way up there, they need to do the work and also the cool factor about SEO is it’s not obvious, the way to get your web site ranked up there, therefore once you have figured it out, your competition learns why you spent so much time learning SEO, and in several cases they need to do SEO better that you because you’ve got a lead start on them.

SEO is passive ongoing traffic.

Once you get those rankings you only sit back and concentrate on different aspects of your marketing funnel.

Generally a lot of traffic than PPC.

I hope that you simply, with this article, now perceive what SEO is, the advantages and how it differs from PPC.